cropped-AAG_seal_spot.pngWith funding support from the Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP), the American Association of Geographers (AAG) has developed a proposal for a new Advanced Placement course in Geographic Information Science & Technology (AP GIS&T).

Click here for some background on this initiative.

Course Proposal: Click the links below to view or download PDFs of the proposal documents.

Letters of Attestation: For the AP GIS&T proposal to be formally considered by the College Board, the AAG needs to collect attestations of interest and support from at least 100 college/university departments and 250 high schools. 

High schools and academic departments are invited to complete an attestation for AP GIS&T using the following links. 

College/University Attestations Received (as of March 20, 2017): 119

High School Attestations Received (as of March 20, 2017): 158

Have questions about the AP GIS&T course proposal? Contact the AAG.